TrendScan - recognise top stories and trends and become a first mover.


TrendScan by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS redefines trend research. "Weak signals", which are at the beginning of every trend development, are detected early on and contextualised through a specific combination of artificial and human intelligence. To do this, we scan more than 150 million data sources worldwide on a daily basis . Intelligent algorithms classify and structure the abundance of information available on a daily basis according to keywords, organisations, people and events, and analysts identify emerging, declining, and new topics.

Occupy trending topics - position yourself early

With TrendScan by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS you get inspiration for new products and services, campaigns or content - before everyone else.

  • Areas for application

    PR/Marketing, Market Research, Product Development

  • Our database

    ⏵ Daily > 150 Million news and websites,blogs, forums and social media worldwide

    ⏵ Data on specific topics and markets based on a personalised set-up

  • Your opportunities

    ⏵ Current trends
    ⏵ Trend monitoring updated daily
    ⏵ Find new issues and top stories
    ⏵ Discover opportunities and master challenges

    Based on your individual requirements and set-up.
    Customised solutions for your needs.

  • Your business circumstances

    Would you like to know how TrendScan can be used in marketing /PR, for example? We can show you.

  • Whitepaper

    ARGUS Predict provides inspiration for new products & services, campaigns or content, as well as early information on critical developments.

    Download now our latest trend report, white paper and IndustryScan.


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