Use the findings from the media analysis as the basis for your business decisions.

Meaningful key figures regarding the media performance of your company, your competitors or industry topics can be helpful in everyday decision-making. Receive detailed insights into your media presence, reputation, campaign performance or social media presence via ad-hoc or monthly media analyses.
Analyse media content

Your media presence, analysed and interpreted

Do you lack the time and resources to undertake a detailed analysis of your comprehensive media presence? Do you want personal advice and support from experienced experts?


ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS offers media analyses individually tailored to your needs. Our experts help you identify your positioning opportunities, optimise your reputation management, and advance your communication activities and social media strategy.

Innovative technologies

Get a quick and easy overview of your media presence, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and innovations.

Top Experts

Our competent experts provide you not only with insights that cannot be captured by machines, but also with those that pursue in-depth questions.

Comprehensive data pool

From an extensive data pool, we derive the right core knowledge and recommendations for your business.


Making data-based decisions is a fundamental part of Scout24's corporate culture. Argus Data Insights' media analyses help us to continuously align our media work with our success metrics and to engage in targeted agenda setting. As a leading digital company, it is also important that we have an overview of current developments and new trends. Argus Data Insights supports us here with clear monitoring of the current situation.

Jan Flaskamp, Vice President Communications & Marketing, Scout24 AG


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