Our team

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS employs around 400 people in various positions in Germany. Every day, our Production department finds relevant media reports for our clients, the editorial team prepares them, and Analysis derives the right insights. The Sales team and the Customer Success team are responsible for client satisfaction.

Marketing & Communications puts everything in the right light both linguistically and visually, and the HR department looks after employee well-being. IT ensures that networks and software programs remain stable every day, and the Finance team keeps an overview of all the key figures. A pleasant working atmosphere, team spirit, and fairness are key for all our departments.




Customer Success Management

Product Management






Oliver Spring

Group Chief Executive Officer

Peter Letter

Group Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Jan Janzen

Group Chief Analytics Services Officer

Vuk Popovic

Group Chief Information Officer

Haskiyel Can

Group Chief Product & Customer Success Officer

Christoph Maurer

Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Patrick Hirzel

Group Chief Media Intelligence Officer

Andreas Huber

Group Chief Marketing Officer


Jan Schiller

Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer Germany

Dennis Marchel

Director Sales

Raphael Musiol

Director Sales

Dominique Baldassare

Head of International Business Management – ARGUS Group

Felicitas Gutjahr

Head of Customer Service

Doko Bentürk

Head of Business Development

Tina Hildebrandt

Key Account Manager

Dr. Steffen Greschonig

Senior Account Manager

Sarah Pleisnitzer

Senior Account Manager

Marcel Girndt

Senior Account Manager

Özgür Ay

Senior Account Manager

Andreas von Rümker

Key Account Manager

Michael Karimi

Senior Key Account Manager

Andreas Baumann

Head of Customer Solutions & Service

Madlen Pawlowitz

Customer Solutions & Services

Key Account Management

Sandy Ebner

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Knaak

Project Manager Key Account Management

Mehdi Khadly

Key Account Manager International Business Management

Stefanie Daniel

Account Executive International Business Management

Alexander Zuckschwerdt

Account Executive International Business Management

Sven-Oliver Schlichting

Customer Service

Jana Schäfer

Customer Service


Holger Boschan

Managing Director ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Service GmbH

Stefan Schmidt

Chief Media Intelligence Operations Officer

Mandy Ahlert

Head of Monitoring & Search Management

Simon Schwenke

Head of Expert Services

Ilka Jobs

Head of Content Processing

Dr. Evmarie Schmitt

Operations Manager Expert Services

Malte Schäfer

Chief of Service Expert Services

Paul Bielecke

Chief of Service Expert Services

Christian Luther

New Business Manager Expert Services

Marco Kreissl

New Business Manager Expert Services


Dr. Ana Ivanova

Head of Analytics & Consulting Germany

Ulrike Bauer

Head of Analytics & Consulting Germany (ad interim)

Dr. Kay Hinz

Team Leader Tenders & Strategic Consulting

Sandra Ruffer

Team Leader Sales Management & Campaigns

André Becker

Senior Project Manager Analyse & Consulting

Nina Meroni

Project Manager Social Analytics & Tools

Xavier Flück

Team Leader CH Market Strategy & Development

Anne Löffler

Business Process Managerin Analyse & Consulting

Bertil Schwotzer

Team Leader Analytics & Tech

Philipp Lang

Team Leader Campaigns & Marketing Liaison

Customer Success Management

Hayrettin Bekiroglu

Customer Success Manager

Patricia Gerschler

Customer Success Manager

Product Management

Lasse Heineking

Product Manager


Juliane Gehrke

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Stephanie Quintana-Rau

Senior Content Marketing Manager


Markus Jakob


Alexandra Ott



Radka Boncheva

Head of IT Engineering

Matthias Velten

Head of IT Operations


Sabine Denert-Friedrich

Head of Finance Germany

Raphael Zeller

Head of Group Controlling


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