Worldwide, cross-media, 24/7, up-to-date media monitoring

Too much information, too little time. Focus on the essentials and obtain relevant information from all media sources about your company, products or sector – whenever, however and wherever you want. Simple integration into your usual work environment makes sure you are always well informed. Manage all news via the user-friendly portal and choose who receives what information. Create a tailored package at a fixed price, made up of the products and services that suit you.
Monitor media Set up personal newsfeeds Manage & share media content Media review prepared by our editorial team

Stay informed:
worldwide and round the clock, across all media types

Do you want to know what the media is saying about your company, products or sector, and how it is saying it? But you do not have the time to browse through all the different media and read every piece of news?


Comprehensive media monitoring ensures that you stay informed. We monitor global traditional, digital and social media on a daily basis to suit your needs. You receive all the relevant media content at the agreed delivery time, and if you choose, it will be revised and supplemented with key figures such as circulation, reach and distribution area. The results of your media monitoring form the basis for further analysis of your media presence and the market situation.​


News for everyone at your company – relevant, individual, flexible

Are you and your team constantly looking for news that is relevant to your work? Do you want to read your news anywhere and at any time or share it with your team?


With My News, you only receive news that genuinely interests you – whether you work in sales, purchasing, product management or IT. Individual newsfeeds provide you will all the relevant information about your clients, competitors, products, your own company, or your specialist topics – via the ARGUSspot app for Microsoft Teams, mobile and desktop.

Professionally manage media content and provide stakeholders with targeted information

Are you spending too much time processing and archiving your media reports? Is your prepared media impact reaching stakeholders via the right channels?
Efficiently manage your media impact and save time by using a central platform. Filter and structure the reports published based on various different criteria, and add metadata. The dashboards offer a quick overview, the archive provides access to all of your coverage at any time, and the alert function lets you know about the latest media content in real time. Prepare your media review to suit your target groups, establish corresponding distribution lists and sending times, and reach each stakeholder via their preferred channel – whether email newsletter, in the newsroom or integrated into Microsoft Teams.

The media review: a clearly structured way to view your media impact, prepared by our editorial team.

Do you want to provide your internal stakeholders with targeted information and present it in a relevant way?


A well-prepared media review enables you to give regular, tailored information to employees, managers and decision-makers. Set your own criteria for your media review so that it meets the needs of your target group. A clear, reader-friendly layout enables your readers to find the reports that are important to them quickly and efficiently, meaning that they feel well informed. This increases the read rate and ensures that the information is read.

> 80,000

print media sources

> 5,000

radio and TV stations

> 120,000


> 300 million

social media sources


We have had a trusting working relationship with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS for many years. We feel well looked after and ideally informed about our coverage in the media.

Tanja Wucherpfennig, Director of Internal and External Communications Melitta Group


As a long-standing customer of Argus Data Insights, Techniker Krankenkasse appreciates the reliable and legally compliant delivery of the digital media review. When it comes to media analysis, we can rely on the diligence and expertise of the analysts. Argus Data Insights always finds flexible and individual solutions for our concerns in all matters of media monitoring.

Gabriela Kresse, Corporate Communications Techniker Krankenkasse


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