ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to recognise
trends, risks and opportunities early

From what happened to what's next.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Traditional analysis methods are used to find answers to predetermined questions. Predictive Analytics, on the other hand, trawls information from all digitally available sources to use modern algorithms and models in order to identify patterns in datasets that provide insight into future customer buying patterns, market developments, opportunities and risks for a business. Predictive Analytics is thus concerned with the future - from observing the past to trend detection. In the global economy, these forecasts can be a huge competitive advantage because they provide inspiration as a basis for precise action planning.

What is ARGUS Predict?

ARGUS Predict combines state-of-the-art research methods and analytics to discover trends and developments, connections and relationships that were previously unrecognisable based on all publicly available sources. ARGUS Predict uses a unique combination of artificial intelligence and highly-specialised analysts - quickly and clearly. For secure decisions in almost all areas of your company.

How does ARGUS Predict differ from traditional media analysis?

  • Traditional media analysis
    What happened?

    • analyses the past
    • based on search terms and pre-defined parameters
    • based on (defined) media panels

    This results in an evaluation e.g. of media attention and presence, media image, the response to communications activities or the advertising value.

  • ARGUS Predict
    What's next?

    • identifies new issues, stories, trends
    • is not limited to search terms or predefined parameters
    • based on Big Data (digital media and other publicly available content)

    This results in a broad observation of the environment and the early discovery of new opportunities and risks, ideas, and new players or influencers.

Discover the ARGUS Predict Portfolio.

  • TrendScan

    ⏵ Current trends
    ⏵ Trend monitoring updated daily
    ⏵ Find new issues and top stories
    ⏵ Discover opportunities and master challenges

    Learn more about TrendScan

  • RiskScan

    ⏵ Comprehensive risk monitoring
    ⏵ recognise reputation risks
    ⏵ avoid economic damage
    ⏵ specific to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas

    Learn more about RiskScan

  • IndustryScan

    ⏵ Monitoring of industry developments
    ⏵ Observe and recognise market trends and relevant issues
    ⏵ Keep an eye on market participants

    Learn more about IndustryScan

Receive free advice without any obligation.

For the identification of trends, issues and stories, opportunities and risks in your sector and individual markets

Use our advanced knowledge

    Drive innovation, the development of new ideas and concepts

    Identify new consumer trends and recognise new needs

    Identification of well-known and new competitors as well as key stakeholders and influencers in individual topics

    Recognise risks and issues early

ARGUS Predict links Artificial and Human Intelligence


    Millions of publicly available sources daily


    Topics, issues, people, stories, businesses, events etc.


    Relevant information and personalised preparation

Valuable insights for almost all business divisions

    Issue identification/management, newsjacking, recognise positioning opportunities and reputation risks, audience insights, content marketing, influencer identification

    Framework conditions, raw material markets, suppliers

    Identification of consumer insights, market trends, new technologies, concepts/ideas, first mover, customer complaints and requests

    M&A process, input for strategic decisions, recognising potential


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