ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS pools and displays your media monitoring and media analysis
on a central platform which can be accessed from anywhere.

ARGUS Portal: all-in-one platform -
up-to-date and everywhere

This is what the media monitoring and media analyses of today and tomorrow look like: Our advanced platform for managing communication enables you to conduct individualised work on your digitally processed media information. This will give you the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and, ultimately, the knowledge needed for your success.

Your benefits
  • Your media monitoring and evaluation at a glance
  • Online access anywhere, any time
  • Reduce your workload and time spent on tasks
  • Numerous options for personalising your display

Media Monitoring

Your clippings from all media channels are brought together on the ARGUS Portal. Whether they are from print media, online media, TV, radio, news agencies or social media, you gain an insight into the content and all relevant media data. You can browse clippings and order them, filter them using various criteria, and add tags and comments.

Im ARGUS Portal laufen Ihre Clippings aus allen Medienkanälen zusammen
  • Alert function

    Instant notification for a quick response

  • Evaluate and manage

    Evaluate the tone and manage the section

  • Search and display

    Search for clippings and view articles

  • Comment and deliver

    Comment on articles and share information

Real-time monitoring

Follow what is being said about your company, the competition and the market on digital and social media – from news portals to forums and blogs - in real time. Stay up-to-date and react quickly at any time. Other benefits

Informiert und jederzeit reaktionsfähig mit dem ARGUS Portal
  • Alert function

    Newsletters and alerts inform you in good time

  • Pricing model

    A flat rate takes care of cost management

  • Sentiment analysis

    Media reports are categorised according to tone

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