ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS finds and consolidates media content from a comprehensive range of media sources.

So much information, so little time - we find the relevant media content.

  • Monitor

    We monitor and sort through a global and comprehensive selection of traditional, digital and social media content 24/7.

  • Find and consolidate

    Experienced readers check the results of your media monitoring, select the reports relevant to you and consolidate these with the most important metadata from your controlling. On request, this can also be done retrospectively.

  • Deliver

    You receive the information as a paper report by post at specified intervals. We send you digital clippings twice a day via email with the most important metadata and links to the articles and reports. You can complement the monitoring that is sorted for you with real-time monitoring of digital sources. All monitoring results are fed into the ARGUSportal, so they are in a compact format and easy to read.

With media monitoring from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, you receive all of the important information relating to your company, the competition and the market; this provides you with an essential overview.

Media coverage

We monitor a variety of traditional, digital and social media from across the globe for you every day

  • >80’000

    print media sources

  • >5’000

    radio and TV channels

  • >120’000


  • >300 m

    social media sources


Relevant media resonance on our advanced platform - always up-to-date and accessible everywhere.

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