Media Release 12.09.2023

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS in a new collaboration


Berlin/Bielefeld/Zürich, 12. September 2023 – Sprachenfabrik GmbH is offering language services to ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Deutschland GmbH’s clients.


Sprachenfabrik GmbH, based in Bielefeld, is an agency specialising in international communications. In its role as our collaborative partner, Sprachenfabrik will be offering its international language services to ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’ clients in Germany from August 2023, acting as a counterpart to ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur in Switzerland. 


Origins in Bertelsmann: Sprachenfabrik GmbH has its roots in the global media company Bertelsmann. It started out in 2006 as an internal language service, gaining initial experience in the agency industry as part of Medienfabrik (now TERRITORY). In 2014, Jörg Vogt founded Sprachenfabrik GmbH as an independent agency for international communications, and he has been the CEO ever since. 


From their offices in the Ostwestfalen region, his 15-strong team now supports several hundred businesses across Germany and Europe with their international communications projects. Their clients come from a wide range of industries and include global companies as well as regionally based medium-sized businesses and dynamic start-ups. 



Translations and so much more 

The language service provider’s core business is translation. Offering over 40 languages and boasting a network of over 1000 native linguists with various different specialisations, the team is always ready to help you translate your texts, whether business and sustainability reports, websites, marketing texts, specialist articles or user manuals. The most common requests they receive are for languages spoken in Europe and the Americas, but they also cover languages spoken in Asia and Africa as well. 


Highly qualified language experts are used for all of the language services in the company’s comprehensive portfolio. This includes, for example, machine translation and post-editing, proofreading and copyediting projects, interpreting, voice-overs and subtitling, editing, SEO, copywriting and e-learning. 



State-of-the-art technologies 

Providing personal consultations, offering collaborative partnerships and striving to find customised solutions for its clients’ communications projects are all particularly important to Sprachenfabrik. The company’s portfolio is therefore ever evolving to encompass new developments and state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to having a project management tool specifically designed for the language services industry, Sprachenfabrik uses translation management systems that meet the highest industry standards. These streamline the project processes, make them more efficient and ensure that the target texts are of a high quality. 



Thoughts on the collaboration 

Jörg Vogt, CEO of Sprachenfabrik GmbH, is looking forward to working together: ‘ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur and Sprachenfabrik: even our names are a sign that we are a good match. And the intensive discussions and face-to-face meetings we have had in the last few weeks have shown that we are a good fit for each other! We share the same philosophy and passion for polished texts, international communication and modern language technologies. The focus is always on providing our clients with specialist, personalised advice using the expertise of our highly qualified team. We look forward to working together, sharing our expertise and putting our skills to use for ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’ clients in Germany.’ 


Oliver Spring, Group CEO of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, added: ‘I’m excited that we now have a collaboration agreement with Sprachenfabrik GmbH. Thanks to this, we can now offer our clients in Germany the same popular language services that ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur offers our clients in Switzerland.’ 


Milena Rein, Head of ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur, continued: ‘It’s great that our connection with Sprachenfabrik GmbH means we can tap into the German translation market, and we are looking forward to working closely with the team. We’ve already had lots of exciting dialogue with them and eagerly await further interesting discussions in the future! Sprachenfabrik is the ideal partner for us in Germany as the team shares the same values and high standards we at ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur set for ourselves.’ 



We are Sprachenfabrik, an agency specialising in national and international communication. Situated in Bielefeld, we offer our clients expertise in strategic consultation and are a full-service provider for their language and communications needs. Collaborative and personal. Flexible and reliable.

We offer editing and copywriting, PR and marketing, SEO, translation, proofreading, subtitling, voice-overs, interpreting, machine translation and post-editing, e-learning, foreign-language typesetting and desktop publishing. We love creating perfect texts and finding the right words for our clients that are precise, have accurate content and are stylistically appropriate. We use the professional skills of more than 1000 language experts from across the globe to provide services in over 40 languages. And we guarantee efficiency through our use of agile processes and state-of-the-art technologies. 




ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Deutschland GmbH provides tailored smart media insights. Its portfolio includes solutions for active media relations management, media monitoring and media analysis – worldwide and across all channels. The digital media insights gained are processed by experts and converted into smart data on a project-specific basis. The ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS group employs around 500 people in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Spain.



Stephanie Quintana-Rau

Marketing & Communications


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