Media Release 17 February 2022

Individual news feeds now available for everyone at your company with ARGUSnylar from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS


Berlin/Zurich/Paris, 17 February 2022 – The new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution ARGUSnylar from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® is now offering individual news feeds for all business areas – including sales, IT, purchasing and product management – in Germany, France and Switzerland.  The relevant information found in the media serves as a foundation for successful and efficient business decisions. ARGUSnylar is available as a browser-based desktop portal, a mobile app for Android and iOS for when you are out and about, and in your usual work environment, Microsoft 365/Teams.


With the new SaaS solution ARGUSnylar from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS®, you can set up news feeds according to your individual needs. This means users from all business areas such as sales, IT, product management and purchasing then receive the relevant information about their clients, competitors, products, the company and specialist topics. Current news reveals new developments that could promptly be taken into consideration for operations. In sales, for example, news about regular clients, target groups, competitors and the market as a whole serves as a basis for gaining new business as well as cross-selling and upselling. Moreover, all of the information gathered creates a strong foundation for strategic planning.


ARGUSnylar is now available in Germany, France and Switzerland as a browser-based desktop portal and as a mobile app for Android and iOS, giving you easy access to your news while on the go. Integrated into Microsoft 365/Teams, ARGUSnylar offers you the opportunity to view your media reports in your usual working environment, removing the need to change to another application.


With its well-structured, intuitive user interface, ARGUSnylar lets you quickly set up and manage news feeds tailored to your specific needs. A range of additional functions makes reviewing your coverage even easier and facilitates collaboration. For example, you can mark relevant reports to read later and share articles with others via links. With the ARGUSnylar team licence, you can set up team-specific news feeds and share reports among the team to ensure everyone is always up to date.


Oliver Spring, Group CEO, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® Holding AG, said: ‘I am proud that we have been able to expand our digital strategy with ARGUSnylar and incorporate new target groups. Our aim is to make the relevant news reports available to everyone at your company – anytime and anywhere.’


Jan Schiller, Chief Commercial Officer of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, added: ‘With ARGUSnylar, sales teams always have an overview of news concerning their clients, are informed about new sales opportunities and are ideally prepared for their meetings.’


‘As a product manager, I am always interested to see which topics my target groups are focusing on at the moment, how my products are being perceived, what our competitors are doing and what the current trends and developments are. ARGUSnylar has allowed me to set up the corresponding news feeds. These keep me up to date, and I no longer need to hunt for the relevant information in newsletters or online’, continued Jakov Horvatinovic, Product Manager ARGUSnylar, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS®.


The ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® Holding AG group provides tailored smart media insights. The portfolio includes solutions for active media relations management, media monitoring and media analysis – worldwide and across all channels. The digital media insights gained are processed by experts and converted into smart data on a project-specific basis. The ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® group employs over 500 people in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Spain.



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Individual news feeds now available for everyone at your company with ARGUSnylar from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS