Detect risks early and reliably with RiskScan and avoid damaging your reputation.

Help to increase the value of your company through active risk management.

With RiskScan by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS (powered by RepRisk) you can identify, evaluate and monitor business risks in your company. We scan more than 80,000 sources from companies, NGOs, public authorities and government agencies, business divisions and segments daily. In this way, global issues relevant to your organisation relating to the environment, society and politics can be identified in good time before reputational damage can occur.

RiskScan by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS at a glance.

  • Areas of Application

    Issue Management, Risk Management

  • RepRisk Database

    ⏵ Daily > 80,000 publicly available sources and stakeholders in 20 languages

    ⏵ Data on 28 issues and 57 topics related to the environment, society and politics powered by RepRisk

  • Your possibilities

    ⏵ Recognise global risks and opportunities globale
    ⏵ Specifically targeted to the areas of the environment, society and politics

    Based on a comprehensive database for ESG risks powered by RepRisk.

  • Your business circumstances

    Would you like to know how RiskScan can be used in Issue/Risk Management, for example? We can show you how.


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