IndustryScan - Keeping an eye on entire markets. Identifying key players & topics.

Relevant events and their impact on individual industries

The IndustryScan developed by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS in cooperation with Sentifi reliably and swiftly determines global market-relevant topics and events that influence individual industries, companies, commodity markets and exchange rates. Big data analyses from a monthly total of one billion news sources, blogs & tweets of 14 million relevant financial market influencers and experts automatically identify information about more than 50,000 companies and thousands of events in six central topic clusters on a daily basis. These insights from the fields of corporate issues, politics and society, ecology, business and finances are additionally connected to external market-relevant data such as share prices, stock market indices and exchange rates to ensure safe strategic business decisions.

The benefits of the IndustryScan launched by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS at a glance.

  • Fields of application

    PR/marketing, M&A, business intelligence, innovation management

  • Sentifidata base

    ⏵ Monthly > 1 billion news sources, blogs & tweets
    ⏵ Data on the basis of more than 50,000 companies and 14 million financial market influencers
    ⏵ Representative for more than 140 industries within 69 segments and 11 superordinate sectors
    ⏵ Sources: German and English

  • Your options

    ⏵ Monitoring industry developments & market trends as well as their impact
    ⏵ Keeping an eye on market players and entire markets

    Receive tailor-made solutions on the basis of your requirements and set-ups.

  • Use Cases

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