ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS structures and assesses
media content and provides a media review prepared by our editing team.

Up-to-date and cross-media review - this is how you keep colleagues and management well informed.

  • Fingerprint

    media review
  • Weltweite Medienabdeckung

    media review
  • Pressespiegel auf Smartphones und Tablets in responsivem Design lesen

    Media review tool
    and additional services
  • Personalised
    media review

    Every media review is a customised product. Together, we determine useful selection criteria, categories and how much you would like content to be condensed for each topic. On request, you can receive your media review in your own corporate design.

  • International
    media review

    We inform you about global media coverage concerning your markets and topics. We cover 180 countries and more than 200,000 traditional, digital and social media sources. Delivery times, digitisation and integration of sources are dependent on the licensing rights of the individual countries; we have the best solutions.

  • Media review tool and
    additional services

    With the media review tool, you can easily create, save and change a media review on the ARGUSportal yourself and then deliver this via email. You can tag the media review so that it is easy to find and integrate your own articles with the upload function.

    We provide further added value with important industry event schedules, information on events attracting media attention, abstracts in the language of your choice
    and an agency alert.

Our experienced and skilled industry editors prepare your strategic media review using the media resonance for the day’s events from all important media sources worldwide and customise it specifically for you. You can get added value from the media review tool on the ARGUS Portal and from our comprehensive range of services.


Our deliveries are timely, current and comprehensive: whether for the short or long term, we send you information about the media impact of your topics in the evening or from 5.30am, seven days a week.

Your media review will be available in your desired format on our platform in a magazine view optimised for use on tablets and will be professionally prepared.

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