ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS analyses and interprets media content, visualises insights and provides recommendations for action.

Do not lose sight of your objectives - know how successful your communication is.

Classic media analysis

  • Media response analysis

    As part of the media response analysis, we examine the volume of media coverage, the scope and distribution across types of media, the equivalent advertising value and the geographical distribution - divided into paid, earned and owned media.

  • Image analysis

    The image analysis measures the tone of media coverage. Furthermore, we analyse the relevant image factors for you and identify the causes of evaluative media coverage.

  • Die Resonanz auf Ihre Kommunikationsaktivitäten
    Input/Output analysis

    With this type of analysis, we examine the resonance of your communication activities. This is an important indicator for assessing the success of your communication.

  • Social media analysis

    Topics, positions and upcoming trends are important on social media. With a network analysis, we examine the reference structures of posts and the activity of multipliers and influencers.

  • Benchmark analysis

    The benchmark analysis compares your company’s media presence position and image with that of the competition and the market.

  • Die Darstellung Ihres Unternehmens in den Medien
    Reputation analysis

    With a 360° approach, we analyse how your company is portrayed in the media and the results can be used to manage your image.

  • Crisis analysis

    So that you can minimise the damage to your reputation as much as possible in the event of a media crisis and react quickly, the crisis analysis provides you with essential information.

  • Media analyses and market research

    We examine the performance of your campaign on a multidimensional basis considering its individual influencing factors and taking into account marketing controlling and market research. Your added value: each individual activity will be assessed.

  • Brand Controlling mit ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS
    Brand evaluation

    With brand evaluation, you will always know if and how your brand has been associated with desired factors in the media, forming the basis for your brand model.

  • Target group analysis

    How your topics and messages are perceived by individual target groups is shown in the target group analysis and is differentiated according to different criteria.


Medienanalysen vom Experten

In addition to our numerous analyses, we also offer personal consultation and provide you with further valuable recommendations for action, making use of our many years of expertise in this field.


The different analyses will be made available to you via our platform, be optimised for use on tablets and be professionally prepared. There are also different options available for you to gain further insights independently.

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