100 years of experience with
innovative technology.

  • 1896

    «ARGUS der Presse AG» founded in Geneva (Switzerland).
  • 1946

    «Der AUSSCHNITT - Büro für Pressebeobachtung» founded in Berlin-Lichterfelde (Germany).
  • 1947

    «ARGUS der Presse AG» taken over by «Zeitungslupe GmbH». The activities of the two media monitoring companies continue operating under the ARGUS brand name.
  • 1953

    «ARGUS der Presse AG» is a founding member of FIBEP (International Federation of Press Cutting Agencies).
  • 1978

    In addition to print media, radio and TV are added to the monitoring programme.
  • 1986

    «Der AUSSCHNITT» taken over by «ARGUS der Presse AG».
  • 1992

    Media analyses become the second business activity alongside media monitoring.
  • 1992

    Opening of the «Hermes» production facility in Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany).
  • 1999

    Digital news sites and sources added to the monitoring programme.
  • 2003

    The first interactive media intelligence platform for media monitoring and media analyses is launched.
  • 2004

    Social media sources are added to the monitoring programme.
  • 2005

    Takeover of «Pressearchiv», Darmstadt (Germany).
  • 2006

    First full member of AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) in German-speaking countries.
  • 2007

    Takeover of «Fleischauer Medienbeobachtung», Berlin (Germany).
  • 2008

    The journalist/influencer database with an integrated delivery of press releases is introduced (Switzerland).
  • 2011

    Opening of sales offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich (Germany).
  • 2013

    Acquired customer portfolio from Infopak (formerly Cision), Stuttgart (Germany).
  • 2014

    «ZMS Monitoring Services AG» (Switzerland) taken over by «ARGUS der Presse AG».
  • 2015

    Strategic partnership with META Communication Intermedial (Germany).
  • 2017

    «ARGUS der Presse AG», «Der AUSSCHNITT» and «META Communication Intermedial» come together under the single brand name «ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS».



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